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Corporate Advisory

Our team supports you in key moments in the life of your business, such as finding financing, changing your shareholder base or mergers & acquisitions. Thus, we put our expertise and our network at your disposal.

  • Fundraising: We help you find financing, whether in capital or bond.

  • Mergers & acquisitions : preparing, carrying out and closing mergers and acquisitions transactions consume time and energy, you need reliable and available advice.

  • Restructuring : reorganizing its capital or debt, buying out minority interests, bringing in or out of investment funds, for all these operations, we support you in finding the right partners at the best conditions.


Analyze hedge funds and private market funds, managing these portfolios or set up a digital monitoring solution

  • Fund analysis: you do not have the internal resources to analyze alternative or even unlisted funds, or you would like to have an expert opinion, we offer you access to our research platform.

  • Global portfolio management:
    Define wit you a strategic allocation
    Build your portfolio together
    We continuously monitor your investments

  • Digital monitoring: we offer you access to the digital tools developed by Cedrus & Partners which will allow you to monitor your portfolios, your flows and market developments. We are connected directly to data providers to provide you with the best flow of information. 

Asset Management

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management: we take care of your private portfolios by defining with you your objectives and your risk profile. At the same time, we give you access to the best offers from custodian banks.

  • Investing in Real or Uncorrelated Assets: Long-term investors can benefit from particularly robust premiums by extricating themselves from short-term speculative logic. We identify the best international managers in infrastructure, real estate or industrial assets. These strategies combine two complementary performance drivers: holding and operational value creation.

  • Tailor Made Solutions: if you need a financial product that does not exist on the market, we will help you find a solution that effectively meets your expectations. Thus, Cedrus & Partners has created with its partners the first Real Estate Impact Investing fund in France based on a long-lasting return mechanism for the investor, while allowing families in need to access housing.



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