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Challenges are multiple for the entrepreneurs we support and often they have one thing in mind: efficiency because their time is precious. We provide a wide variety of solutions.

Our achievements

  • Capital raising
  • Merger & acquisition operations
  • Product research to boost your cash flow
  • Private wealth management
  • Wealth planning
  • ...

Family Office

Single family offices have strong links with entrepreneurs from which they often come. We have built a genuine ecosystem to meet the expectations of families, with technical competence and recognized know-how. 

Our achievements

  • Global portfolio management
  • Portfolio advisory and monitoring of private market assets
  • Alternative investment portfolio advisory
  • Seminars for exchange and sharing of experience
  • Real estate projects

Institutional Investors

In an environment of raising interest rates, regulatory changes and the instable geopolitical environment, Appletree supports and advises you in the face of these challenges.

Our achievements

  • Creation of a fund of hedge funds
  • Management of alternative portfolios
  • Management of private market funds’ portfolios
  • Outsourcing of the monitoring of private investment portfolios
  • Creation of a private market fund of funds

Foundations & Charities

Facing a declining in resources, financial investments play an important role in building budgets. It is necessary to combine the preservation of capital, the achievement of the objectives of financial products and ethics in the investments.

Our achievements

  • Audit and portfolio analyzes
  • Cash management
  • Creation of a social impact fund
  • Portfolio management

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